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Link Pages for In Person Experiences

Not every link or detail needs to be displayed on your website. LeapLink is an easy way for your customers to access important onsite info, reduce repeated staff questions and much more with just a tap.

How It Works

We offer dynamic Link Pages paired with NFC enabled cards to easily connect your customers with your company with a tap or scan.

Our platform allows you to customize your branded LeapLink Page, analyze trends and collect customer information.
Every LeapLink Card is enabled with NFC technology backed with a QR code allowing customers to easily and quickly access your LeapLink Page.

Perfect for

small businesses coffeeshops entrepreneurs cafes retailers

Features and Use Cases


We offer a monthly subscription for the LeapLink Page and LeapLink Cards

LeapLink Subscription



Includes 2 LeapLink Cards

Access to LeapLink Dashboard

7 Day Trial


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Have a use case that requires a custom solution?

We’re happy to create a custom solution to solve your business needs. Reach out to us for a discovery call.

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